Branch address: Peacock bed, knowledge base, Darabad 021-2610-7569 aj_lab_group


Aj Pathobiology Department consisting of three laboratories has started its activity since 1996 with the opening of Takht Tavous Pathobiology Laboratory with the technical responsibility of Dr. Mahnaz Aghaeipour and Dr. Farzaneh Jadali (pathobiologists and faculty members of the university).

Also, in 2008, this complex has opened the second branch called the Pathology Laboratory of Knowledge Base and in 1390 the third branch called the Darabad Pathology Laboratory.

All specialized and subspecialty hormone tests, pathology, hematology, pediatric pathology, pathology consultations and IHC, sequencing, PCR, sequencing, pregnancy screening tests, flow cytometry, CD markers (to diagnose blood cancers and immunodeficiency) And infertility), IUI by swing dow method, Europlasma, Mycoplasma and UBT_ Helicobacter pylori, allergy and food tests are provided in the laboratories of the Aj pathopathology group.

Why Aj Laboratory Group:

  • Holder of the first ISO 26000 social responsibility certificate in Iran
  • Supporting cancer patients and incurable, member of Mahak and Behnam Daheshpour
  • Member of the Charity Association for the Support of Diabetic Patients throughout the country

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